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Stationery Market is an online business to business platform for ordering, processing and delivering stationery products and gifts. Our seamless and unparalleled customer support and fulfilment team are constantly monitoring your orders, matching and verifying jobs, processing them quickly and providing you with a seamless, fast turnaround. Stationery Market is the most convenient, innovative and cost effective system of ordering and distributing stationery currently available in Europe. We are dedicated to make your trade experience more convenient and satisfying, fulfilling orders via e mail, telephone or instant massaging. We provide a Recommended Retail Price and multilayer discounting system to members who become resellers of Stationery Market products. In order to qualify for the discounts available to you as a reseller, please register on our site by clicking on MY ACCOUNT and following the instructions and you will then be able to browse the site to view the products and pricing available. You can become a stockist and reseller of excellent stationery products including Fabric Pens, T Shirt Pens, T-Shirt Pens, Fabric Markers, Wholesale Fabric Markers, Wholesale Fabric Pens, T Shirt Markers, T-Shirt Markers, Fabric Paint Pen and Paint Marker Pen. We offer a free delivery service and we have a multi level system of discounts based on volume. We promise you will have a first class experience with Stationery Market whether you are an established trader or just are looking to become a stationery stockist or reseller. We wish you a pleasant journey and look forward to seeing you join our long list of valued customers. Our Products Fabric Pens, Paint Pens and T Shirt Pens Please check our great selection of fabric pens, t-shit pens, paint pens and textile markers available for next day delivery at wholesale prices. We supply fabric pens and t-shirt pens from leading marker and writing instrument manufacturer Centropen. We have special prices for our wholesale clients and we support large inventory of fabric pens, paint pens, t shirt pens and textile markers for next day delivery from our UK distribution warehouse.. All our fabric pens, paint pens, t-shirt pens and textile markers are suitable for children from 4 years old and they are great for various school projects, craft projects or children parties. We supply Fabric Pens and other products to UK Supermarkets, Stationery Retailers, Gift Shops, Arts Crafts Stores, Schools, Promotional Gift Companies and other trade customers. Trade customers entitled to bulk purchase discounts and wholesalers acquire fabric pens for special wholesale price. Fabric Pens, Paint Pens, T shirt Pens and Textile Markers useful for painting or marking on most textiles and leather. Pigmented ink is very light fast and wash resistant up to 60 degrees of Celsius. Ink is water based and not hazardous to health so can be used without any harm by children. All pens have ergonomic grip and ventilated cap.Round tip of pens is 3.9mm in diameter and can create line width of up to 1.8 mm Thickness of line can be regulated during drawing and ergonomic grip makes it very convenient for use of children. No ironing required after painting finished.